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Ironman Award

About the "Ironman Award"

Starting in the summer of 2016, Louisburg wrestlers of all ages will earn points for summer wrestling events. Every Wildcat wrestler who earns at least 100 points will earn the “Ironman Award” and get his name printed on the back of a t-shirt.

Why summer wrestling? There's a common saying in our sport that summer wrestling makes winter champions. Have you ever come to the end of your season and suffered that miserable feeling that causes you to wish you'd ended on a better note? Summer wrestling propels your winter season further. Whether it's Folkstyle, Freestyle, or Greco-Roman, any wrestling is good. Make the commitment, invest your time, and reap the benefits in the post-season!


  • LHS Open Mats -- 6 points per session
  • Official Matches at tournaments (dual tournaments and individually bracketed tournaments) -- 4 points per match
  • Camps -- see below (contact Coach Bovaird if you have questions about a camp not listed below)

LHS SUMMER OPEN MATS -- Mondays and Wednesdays -- 6 points per practice

Dates / Times:

  • Mondays from 10:30-11:30am (beginning 6/29 and ending 7/27)
  • Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm (beginning 6/22 and ending 7/29)

Who: Louisburg community wrestlers, grades K-12 in 2020-21; all club affiliations welcome. Guests from outside Louisburg must have a valid 2019-20 USAW athlete membership. 

2020 Wildcat Wrestling Team Camp -- July 21-23 @ Louisburg -- 25 points

WhenJuly 21-23

  • Beginners: 4:30-5:30pm
  • Advanced: 6:30-8:30pm

Where: LHS Wrestling Practice Room
Cost: $35 (payment will not be collected until the first day of the camp) 

  • Beginners: Bobby Bovaird (LHS head wrestling coach, USAW Silver Certified Coach, USAWKS Director of Coaching Development), LHS and Wildcat Wrestling Club coaches
  • Advanced: Dom Bradley (NCAA All-American, World Team Member)


True Blue Camp @ Chanute -- July 28-30 -- 20 points

Clinicians: Zoheir El Ouarrage (Cowboy Wrestling Club), Mike Malgado (Cowboy Wrestling Club)
When: July 28-30
Where: Chanute High School 
Cost: $100
Registration: Click here to download registration form

GRIT Wrestling Camp -- July 28-30 -- 25 points

Clinicians: Chris Bono (University of Wisconsin head coach), Jon Reader (NCAA D1 national champion)

When: July 28-30

Where: Olathe South HS

Cost: $125


North Central Kansas Camp -- July 24-25 -- 25 points

Clinicians: Mason Wallace (NCAA D1 wrestler), Aryus Jones (NCAA D2 wrestler), Addie Lanning (Baker U women's coach), Tim Prescott (Central Christian men's coach)

Where: ATC in Junction City, KS

When: July 24-25

Cost: $60


Area Club Practices -- 4 points per practice

Louisburg wrestlers who attend practices with area clubs may also earn 4 points per practice attended. Parents need to document practice attendance and submit to Coach Bovaird in a timely manner.

2019 Ironman Award Winners:

Kai Weiss (1st)
Kaden Allen (7th)
Cade Holtzen (jr)
Kaven Bartlett (fr)
Josh Holtzen (7th)
Erik Lien (7th)
Jay McCaskill (7th)

2018 Ironman Award Winners:

Kaden Allen (6th)
Kaven Bartlett (8th)
Cade Holtzen (so)
Aiden Barker (fr)
Canaan Clayton (6th)
Brandon Doles (fr)
Bo Ballard (3rd)
Josiah Clayton (2nd)

2017 Ironman Award Winners:

Kyle Allen (sr)
Kaden Allen (5th)
Cade Holtzen (fr)
Garrett Caldwell (sr)
Aiden Barker (8th)
Bo Ballard (2nd)
Brandon Doles (8th)
Ryan Adams (sr)
Collin Hamilton (so)
Nathan Hamilton (8th)

2016 Ironman Award Winners:

Ryan Adams (jr)
Garrett Caldwell (jr)
Brandon Doles (7th)
Kyle Allen (jr)
Hunter Bindi (so)

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